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What is Different about The Escape Hunt Experience?


Unique escape room concept | The Escape Hunt Experience


Playing an escape room at The Escape Hunt Experience is a unique experience. With almost 50 branches all over the world the escape rooms have different themes but all offer the same exitement.

The Escape Hunt Experience is like none other in the market place today. Our CEO and founder has combined his passion for games and puzzles with his educational background in Psychology to create a truly unique, challenging and highly addictive gaming concept!

The Escape Hunt Experience prides itself on creativity and innovation. Today, a team of talented puzzle designers are working around the clock at the only Game Design Academy in the world.

All of the games you’ll play at the various branches around the world have been designed in house. There are well over 100 games to date, with more being created each month!

That being said, The Escape Hunt Experience is more than just a game. Players will all receive a 90 minute slot that includes a pre-game brief and explanation period, as well as post game refreshments, discussion and photo booth opportunity. For larger groups and corporate events there are even further offerings including a team building exercises. We even offer luxurious external catering to complete your event.

The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht offers 6 escape rooms with a selection of 3 game themes to be played. Enjoy a great weekend in the South of Limburg with friends, colleagues or family:  Challenge your brain by playing detective in the daytime at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht. We look forward to seeing you!


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