Escape Hunt



Group activities in Limburg at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht


The maximum number of players in an escape room is 5 players (and 2 escape rooms for max 6 players) so if you are looking for a group activity  for up to 32 players you can exclusively rent all escape rooms at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht. The group is then divided among the six escape room and each team starts at the same time. Who will win this exciting game and manages to be the first to escape? Ensure upon making your reservation that you book the same time slots.


May the best team win!!!

If you are with a group that is too small to exclusively rent the The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht – then simply book the required number of rooms at the same time. We do not combine bookings so if you play with ie 3 players we will not book an extra 2 players in your escape room.

We recommend playing the escape rooms in teams of 4-5 people. The team efford to join forces and intelligence gives you the best chance to escape within 60 minutes. The more minds the greater the chance to escape…The power of the group during this group activity is greater than the individual strength of the players.

Experience a thrilling group activity in Maastricht, Limburg. We are located at the Boschstraat in Maastricht city center and overlook the historic town hall on the market. A fantastic setting for a fantastic group activity in Maastricht.

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