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Teambuilding and Corporate Events in Maastricht


Looking for the most fun and challenging team building activities in Maastricht in Limburg? Test your management teams or colleagues playing an escape room at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht.

At The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht you can hire multiple escape rooms for a maximum of 30 colleagues playing at the same time.

Team building or a corporate event at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht gives a boost to the team spirit and atmosphere within your team. Let management teams within your company compete against each other in our escape room to find out who is the smartest and most inventive colleague in your company.

We offer a range of games and packages where tension and enjoyment are paramount. Together with colleagues you play in one of our six escape rooms – which team manages to escape first? Which team is the most creative and innovative and find the clues, solve the riddles and break the code within 60 minutes. This requires teamwork – a clear vision – cooperation and out of the box thinking. With larger groups (over 30 people), you can play the groups in several sessions! The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht also offers packages with hotels and restaurants in the immediate area. Please contact us for i.e. a beer tasting, high tea, lodging, workshop or culinary stroll through Maastricht! The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht is guaranteed the best team building activity in Maastricht

What is all this based on? Our founder Paul Bart is a qualified psychologist who specialized and practiced organizational (work) psychology. He used these skills coupled with a broad commercial background to consult for many companies during his career. He brings these skills to The Escape Hunt Experience corporate challenges to make something truly unique.

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