Escape Hunt

Play an escape room in Maastricht in English language


When walking through Maastricht and Limburg one hears a mixture of languages. By this we do not only mean the various dialects spoken in Limburg, but also foreign languages as German and English. Maastricht being so centrally located in Europe, attracts people from Belgium (especially Lanaken, Tongeren and Bilzen) and Germany (Aachen) but also has a great attraction to visitors from other nationalities who like to explore the beautiful capital city of Limburg. One could say that English is the second language of the cultural city of Maastricht.


For this reason one can play an escape room at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht not only in Dutch but also in English. The game manual, hints and clues are in Dutch as well in English in all of our 6 escape rooms. There already have been many international companies who played the escape game as a team building event, including Alterna Hair Care, Vodafone, Philips and Maastricht University. Not only due to the fact that our escape rooms are adapted to international guests, but also because we offer the opportunity to play with up to 30 guests simultaneously.



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