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How difficult or easy is it to play an escape rooms at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht? The difficulty of the escape rooms showed soon after our opening that there were different levels.

Escape Room Maastricht - Deadly Family Affair

We offer 6 escape rooms in 3 themes (2 escape rooms per theme) and just two weeks after the opening, it became obvious; Escape Room Deadly Family Affair is the most difficult escape room in Maastricht! Only a few players have solve the riddle up to now. The story is about Edouard de Beaumont in Maastricht who became rich trading arms. During an exuberant family dinner he fell down and police are baffled. The entire inheritance is for his sons. Are they in any way resposible for his death?

You have been called – being top detectives – to solve this mystery but we warn you – it’s hard to unravel this mystery in 60 minutes – WE DARE YOU..





The other two themes of our escape rooms are not easy but somewhat easier than Deadly Family Affair.

Escape room Maastricht: Shipwrecked on Cannibal CoveAt Shipwrecked on Cannibal Cove, you should try to escape within 60 minutes from a desolated island. You’re stranded on this island after you shipwrecked with VOC ship Fortuyn and crew is disappearing by the minute.

You are the last crew members alive and have 60 minutes to escape from this horrible island! Will you manage to escape in time?

Escape room The Missing Maiden is about the story of Stefan Zaan and his Austrian Charlotte. Stefan comes from a wealthy family and Maastricht is about to get married to his Charlotte, but an hour before the wedding Charlotte seems to have disappeared. What is going on? Will you succeed and be able to find Charlotte in time so they can still get married?

Vrijgezellenfeest Maastricht - leuk voor vrouwen en mannen groepen Vrijgezellenfeest - boek een escape room in Maastricht Wat te doen in Maastricht? Boek een escape room

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