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Successful Escape Hunt Now Opening in Maastricht


The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht opening with 6 escape rooms!


The escape room game concept has grown in popularity over the past 10 years. Originally it started as an online game in Japan after escape room games have undergone enormous development. Today, The Escape Hunt Experience offers a true real life action role-playing experience and has been all the rage all over Europe, the Far East and the U.S

The Escape Hunt Experience continues to grow in popularity for the simple reason that its so much fun to play! As a gamer, you go back in time to a bygone era or jump ahead – far into the future. The games offer a unique experience when it comes to solidarity and cooperation – whether you like a family getaway or family trip, team building event or corporate event. Everyone enjoys the unique challenge of Escape Hunt. For some, playing an escape room is as addictive as the online games. An escape room locks you in for 60 minutes and it’s your group task to escape as quickly as possible. Once inside, you have to look for a series of clues, solve riddles and puzzles and beat the clock set for 60 minutes. So if you don’t like to lose? Choose your friends wisely…

The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht - 6 escape roomsThe Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht - 6 escape roomsThe Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht - 6 escape rooms

Benelux locations

Besides Groningen, Eindhoven, Brussels and Luxembourg, you can now also play in the South of Limburg in Maastricht at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht. Open 7 days a week!

Nr 1 attraction on Tripadvisor

When The Escape Hunt Experience opened in July 2013 in Central Bangkok as South East Asia’s first “escape the room” game, it quickly became the Number 1 Attraction on TripAdvisor for tourists. It also gained a huge following amongst locals in Thailand with an active online community including over 52,000 followers on Facebook.

Opening Maastricht

In May 2016 the 5th Benelux Branch of The Escape Hunt Experience will open its doors with 6 escape rooms in the ancient city centre of Maastricht.  Located in a historic building The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht is overlooking the market with its grand Town Hall. The perfect setting to play one of the  6 escape rooms which will take you back in time. Will you get stuck on a remote island? Will you be looking for Stefan’s missing bride? or will you solve the mystery of the death of Mr Beaumont? For sure it will be an adventure – we dare you – will you be able to escape the escape room in 60 seconds?

We are looking forward to welcoming you at The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht!

The Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht - 6 escape roomsEscape room Maastricht: Shipwrecked on Cannibal CoveThe Escape Hunt Experience Maastricht - 6 escape rooms



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